фотография. фотосъемка интерьеров. фотосъемка для каталогов. сканирование.  

How to produce archives?

How to produce archives?

To pack and unpack files, you need special pack programs like pkzip.exe, pkunzip.exe, arj.exe, lha.exe, rar.exe, uc.exe and ace.exe. Total Commander can act as a shell for these programs. Additionally Total Commander contains a Pkzip-compatible internal packer, which supports nearly all functions of pkzip, even the creation of multi-volume ZIP files! Only the encryption isn't supported because of the restrictive US export laws. The packer is based on Zlib by Jean-loup Gailly. The C source is freely available at the following ftp address on the Internet: ftp://ftp.uu.net/pub/archiving/zip

.CAB archives can only be unpacked, NOT created by Total Commander.
Additional packer plugins are available on our addons page on http://www.ghisler.com.
New in version 5.0: Internal .TAR, .GZ and .TGZ packer! .TGZ directly creates a .TAR file inside a .GZ file in one operation.


авиация. летные проверки. аппаратура летного контроля.