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Usage of the drivers for the parallel port

Total Commander uses the driver cglpt9x.vxd for the parallel port connection under Windows 95/98/ME. It is loaded automatically when the connection is started, and removed at the end. Under Windows NT/2000/XP, the driver cglptnt.sys is used. To load this driver dynamically, you need administrator privileges on that machine! If you don't have these, or want to work under a user account for security reasons (recommended), you can have the driver loaded automatically at system start. To achieve this, you or your administrator have to call Total Commander from an administrator account like this: Totalcmd.exe /installdriver To remove the driver, use the command movedriver
This will only work on Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000, respectively! The driver implements a so-called 'Parallel port class driver'. It was developed by us, and contains functions to block/unblock access to the parallel port, and functions to send individual characters and even whole blocks. It allows user mode programs to gain exclusive access to the parallel ports, but not to other ports.

Under Windows 3.1, Total Commander accesses the port without a driver. This means that other applications are not blocked from accessing the same port! Therefore don't try to print to that port during the connection, or to access devices on that port.

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